Amore Aesthetics Courses


Foundation Fine lines & Wrinkle Course 


Our foundation fine lines and wrinkle injection course is designed for those wanting to embark on their journey to becoming an aesthetic practitioner.


This course will deliver a greater knowledge and understanding of the best techniques to start practicing in this treatment safely and effectively. 

Theory and practical aspects are covered, this course is taught by medics. 

You will cover administration for forehead, glabella & crows feet.  


Foundation Dermal Filler Course

This Dermal Filler Course is designed for those wanting to offer dermal filler treatments to their clients. 


This course is a perfect introduction into dermal fillers, courses consist of theory and practicals covering; lip augmentation, cheek enhancements and nasolabial folds.  

These courses are taught by registered RGNs & aesthetic practitioners with over 12+ industry experience. 



Anti Wrinkle Injection & Dermal Filler Course  

Why not take the Combination Course for 
Anti Wrinkle Injections PLUS Dermal Filler Training

Not Medically Qualified?


Starting from scratch?

This start from scratch course is designed for those who are not medically trained nor do they hold any relevant beauty qualifications.


This is a combination of home learning and some classroom based work which can be completed in your own time.


This consists of stand alone qualifications


Fibroblast training

What is Fibroblast?

Plasma treatment involves the use of high voltage, low current electrical energy that essentially creates a ‘spark’ over the treatment area. The spark is the result of electrical energy interacting with specific gases in the air (or delivered to the tip of the device). When this interaction occurs, plasma energy is created. 

The under parts of the skin respond to this plasma spark by tightening  or contracting. Following this treatment, the second phase of healing unfolds where new collagen is produced by the body to further help in the process of rejuvenation.
The end result is a smoothing of the skin in some areas, lifting of the tissue in other areas and/or a combination of these two effects. 

This helps to remove unwanted wrinkles, drooping skin and stretch marks. The treatment will tighten the skin of the affected areas.
The pen can also be used to remove skin tags, reduce acne scars or age spots. Plasma pen treatments are the perfect way to treat many age-related skin problems.



This is a form of natural exfoliation.

Throughout this course you will be taught how to remove hair from the face along with the outer most layer of dead skin cells.


This leaves skin smooth, soft and vibrant. 

This course includes a starter kit with 10 blades and pre and post treatment advice for your clients. 


3D HIFU Training (Inc Kit)

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

Non surgical skin lifting is becoming increasingly popular. 


The HIFU machine is also known as a non surgical facelift. These machines are designed to target problem areas such as jowl line lifting, brow lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction and to tighten looser skin on the neck.


The HIFU machine works by focusing acoustic energy to create thermal coagulation at 3 different selected depths. A wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen, thus providing a longer term tightening of the skin.


Many clients benefit from 6 sessions.  


Adonis Cavitation & RF Machine

This course is designed to go through the process behind the breaking down of fat cells & cellulite through ultrasound cavitation.


This procedure is highly effective.


It works by releasing high energy waves which create micro bubbles, this encourages the fat cells to breakdown into a liquid form and leave the body naturally. 

Machine includes 1 year guarantee. 


Fat Freezing - Cryolipolysis

Also known as non surgical liposuction.


The concept of freezing fat may seem strange, however it is the result of extensive research.


Scientists found that when frostbite occurs, the fat cells underneath the skin freeze before the skin does. 

This extensive day course includes the machine and a guarantee